Process all your documents, text and data in a single platform

AxxilaHQ turns your unstructured documents, text and data storage into meaningful, searchable datasets for decision making, Apps, and process automation. Regardless the source, language and your files are Rich media, Document collections, Location data, Internet of Things (IoT), or Analytics.


Connect your sources and import your documents and unstructured text in any file type (PNG, PDF, Email (with attachements), DOC(X), HTML, XML, XLSX, JSON, …).


Customize AxxilaHQ's document and data knowledge models (schemes) to your specific needs by providing context and telling what documents and content are all about and which specific information you are looking for.


Transform your document storage into a search. Find all required information within context, offering unique flexibility and robustness. You can also export the found information to various formats via a REST-API and data workflow.

Documents and unstructured data is growing three times faster than structured data. More precisely, the volume of unstructured data is set to grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025. With AxxillaHQ, you can turn all your unstructured data -regardless the source, type or language- into organized, meaningful, searchable datasets so the data can be subjected to both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

AxxilaHQ understands document type, content and context and breaks down blocks, sentences and words into smaller pieces in order to understand their relationships and how they work together.  

You can use AxxillaHQ to identify concepts, patterns, topics, keywords, positions and other attributes in your data or save hours of manual work, whether you need to sort incoming emails, extract insights from scanned document, follow the news, process PDF invoices or orders, or discover opinions on social media. The API and data workflow help you automate the execution of the tasks and operations.

What’s more, AxxilaHQ provides a sensitive data scanner and audit trail to detect sensitive data across all your documents, regardless of source, and to maintain compliance, enforce platform governance, and transparency.

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We are prioritizing ethical AI practices and building transparent and explainable AI solutions, emphasizing user privacy and reducing algorithmic bias.

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